Beginner Yoga

Class for beginners and anyone wanting to work on posture
alignment. Poses are taught with clear, concise instruction,
include props and allow time to find your balance. Everyone
is welcome to try out yoga for the first time or expand their
yoga practice.



Vinyasa Flow

Experience yoga through practicing sequences at a steady pace
and connecting movement with breath. Class is multilevel, with
modifications and options provided to practice poses that benefit your own body.

Gentle Yoga

An all levels class designed to restore the body and mind in a
supportive environment. Great for anyone seeking a break from
a busy day, pre-natal and post-natal exercise, recovering from
injuries and being kind to yourself.


Reverse Bow

Power Yoga

Build strength and flexibility by learning and flowing through
intermediate and advanced asanas. Class is designed for yogis
with knowledge of basic yoga sequences, but is inclusive and offers modifications to practice at your comfort level. Perfect for runners, athletes and anyone wanting to explore their body's strength.

Yin Yoga

Balance your yoga practice and other exercise activities, by taking time to focus on parts of the body beyond muscles and flexibility. Yin yoga is a slow, engaged practice that targets connective tissues such as fascia, tendons, ligaments and overall joint health and is suitable for all levels of yogis.

Seated Fold



Restorative Yoga

Disconnect from stress and tension though a slow, guided yoga practice. Props are used to allow your body to be passively
supported in asanas, focusing on total relaxation. Restorative yoga will allow you to release physical tension, while calming your mind.


Short meditations are part of all yoga classes. Yoga Nidra classes, also known as 'yogic sleep', are a deep guided relaxation that allows for mindfulness and is helpful in reducing the symptoms of stress-related disorders such as anxiety, insomnia and depression.


Let's do Yoga Together!
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